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Why is my withdrawal request got rejected?

There are several common reasons for the rejection of a withdrawal request. These include:

Incorrect account information: The bank account, e-wallet account number, or cryptocurrency address provided at the time of the withdrawal request may be incorrect. For GCash and Paymaya users, please ensure that you enter your account number in this format: 09176235417, omitting the (+63) country code, as this could lead to a failed transaction. Our finance team will reject the withdrawal request if the account number was not entered correctly.
Unmet wagering requirements: The wagering requirements must be met before requesting a withdrawal.
Exceeded e-wallet account limit: The account limit for e-wallets may have been exceeded.
Suspicious activity: The withdrawal request may be rejected if the account shows signs of suspicious activity, such as unusual patterns of betting or multiple accounts being used from the same location.
Technical issues: There may be technical issues that prevent the withdrawal from being processed, such as problems with the payment processor or issues with the online platform itself.

To ensure a successful withdrawal request, please make sure to check all of these conditions. Additional notes regarding the rejection reason may also be added to the withdrawal page. If you need further assistance, you can contact the live chat support for help.

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Updated on: 11/04/2023

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