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What is a Chain Bet and How Do I Place Multiple Selections from the Same Event within a Chain Bet?

A chain bet is a type of multiple bet where you can place several selections on different events, but the outcome of each subsequent selection is dependent on the previous selection(s) being successful. In other words, it forms a chain of linked bets.

When using a chain bet, you must choose a minimum of two events to bet on. The outcome of the first event will determine the validity and continuation of the chain to subsequent events. If the first selection wins, the stake, along with the winnings, is automatically placed on the second selection. If the second selection wins, the stake and winnings from the first two events are placed on the third selection, and so on.

To explain this concept further, let's consider an example:

Suppose you're interested in three football matches happening on the same day:

Match A: Team X vs. Team Y
Match B: Team P vs. Team Q
Match C: Team M vs. Team N
You decide to place a chain bet on all three matches, with the following selections:

Match A: Team X wins
Match B: Team Q wins
Match C: Team M wins
In this scenario, the outcome of each subsequent selection is contingent on the previous selection(s) being successful. If Team X wins in Match A, you move on to Match B with the stake and winnings from Match A placed on Team Q. If Team Q wins in Match B as well, you proceed to Match C with the combined stake and winnings from Match A and Match B placed on Team M.

If all three selections are correct, your winnings would be based on the cumulative odds of each individual selection. However, if any of the selections in the chain bet is incorrect, the entire bet is considered lost.

Chain bets can offer higher potential returns due to the multiplication of odds, as the winnings from each successful selection are reinvested into the next selection. However, they also carry higher risks since a single incorrect prediction would result in the loss of the entire bet.

It's important to note that the availability of chain bets and their specific rules may vary depending on the sportsbook or bookmaker. It's always advisable to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions associated with chain bets before placing them.

Updated on: 06/06/2023

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