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Edit Bet Feature

Please see the following guidelines for the edit bet feature:

Ability to add, swap or remove selections and increase the stake on unsettled bets both for Pre-match and In-Play.
Ability to change the bet type to any applicable multiple option, e.g. make a single bet multiple and vice versa. It is impossible to use the Remove Event feature for a one-event betslip.
Is offered when Cash-Out is available for all unsettled selections within the bet and where the outcome has not already been determined. This means that even if a number of selections within the accumulator have already been settled, there is still the option to use the “Edit Bet”.
If the odds are changed or the event is terminated, editing of the bet may also be canceled.
When a bet is edited using the Edit Bet feature the new stake will be equal to the current Cash-Out value of the bet.
When editing a bet using the Edit Bet feature, all prices on the new bet placed will be updated to reflect the current odds and not the prices initially taken.
If the request is accepted, the bet will be valid using the new bet amount and the edited events will be available in the “My bets” section as a new event.

Updated on: 16/05/2023

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